5 Ways to Get Your Cat to Take Supplements or Medications

5 Ways to Get Your Cat to Take Supplements or Medications

No matter whether your cat is on supplements or drugs (or the two), finding him to consider them can be a substantial problem. In this article are 5 methods to make the process a lot easier and less demanding.

As a cat father or mother, you know your kitty often desires to take supplements or prescription drugs to remain balanced. You also know that acquiring him to acquire them is less difficult reported than performed. He may possibly combat you when you test to insert a pill into his mouth, or refuse to swallow and spit it out once again, generating the endeavor a important headache. Subsequent are six uncomplicated-to-implement methods to get dietary supplements and prescription drugs into your cat without the need of distressing him (or getting scratched).

1. Combine THEM WITH CAT Food

One of the best methods to give your cat medicine or supplements is by including them to her every day foodstuff. This is least difficult if you give her damp or uncooked food items. These food items types a lot more conveniently disguise crushed-up drugs, liquids and powders, building it extra likely your cat will ingest them. It might not be as effortless if you feed your cat dry food, but you can check out sprinkling the supplement or treatment on her food, then including a delicious topper like bone broth or the liquid from a tin of salmon.

2. Add THEM TO HIS Water

It is dependent on the supplement or medicine your cat is getting, but some can be added to his h2o bowl if your cat is incredibly resistant to having them in his foodstuff. For this to get the job done, however, the supplement or treatment has to be flavorless, and it also should not improve the clarity and consistency of the water.

If you use this suggestion, enjoy your cat to make certain he proceeds drinking adequate drinking water all through the working day. If you observe he won’t drink it with the additional dietary supplement or med, supply him with fresh new drinking water and consider a distinct approach.

It is also critical to preserve in mind that this option will not enable you to give your cat an exact dose of treatment, due to the fact he won’t drink the whole bowl of water at when. So this is a better solution for dietary supplements.


If your cat is incredibly stubborn, you might not be equipped to trick her into ingesting her remedies and dietary supplements no issue what you do. If this is the circumstance, and the merchandise you’re offering her is in liquid sort, you can consider administering it with a syringe.

To use this process, you will will need to keep your cat in your lap and gently squeeze the liquid into her mouth with the tip of the syringe involving her enamel. Be really careful, as you do not want your cat to inhale the liquid. It’s a good idea to examine this solution with your vet before attempting it out.


Even though cats are notoriously picky, they normally appreciate treats. So yet another system is to try out building tasty home made treats and cover your cat’s drugs or supplements within them (this seriously only works with smooth, moldable treats). Not only does this assist make sure your cat will get the dose she requires, but it provides you regulate more than the handle components. It’s also a great way to get more fiber or protein into your cat’s diet without extra fillers or preservatives.

If you don’t want to make your possess treats, search for organic packaged treats that are also gentle and moldable. You could also try employing pieces of rooster, turkey or fish to disguise the nutritional supplement or medication.

5. Consider A TOPICAL Alternative

Some cats continue being particularly resistant to taking any sort of treatment or nutritional supplement. If this appears like your kitty, you may want to consider a totally different system. Just one feasible choice is to switch to a topical type of the medication or nutritional supplement your cat is having. Dependent on what that is, it may perhaps not be offered in topical type, but it is yet truly worth inquiring your veterinarian about it if all else fails.

Topical answers can be used to your cat’s fur or pores and skin to be absorbed into his program. Some topical drugs could be unsafe for your cat to ingest, so you will want to utilize them to an location he can’t reach.

The Manual System

Even though basically placing the treatment or health supplement in your cat’s mouth isn’t a very glamorous approach, you may possibly be equipped to execute it if you go about it the ideal way. It is ideal finished with drugs or capsules that are pretty compact and easy to swallow.

To be effective, you need to have a superior maintain on your cat and insert the tablet into her mouth as far as you securely can. You could need a helper — another person to keep the cat although you administer the capsule.

If your cat struggles and fights you, it is best to try out a single of the other strategies in this posting. You do not want to distress her, or unintentionally injure her.

Not like canine, cats are considerably less most likely to simply just gobble up regardless of what you set in front of them. They are considerably additional suspicious and resistant to hoping new items, particularly if they really do not style or scent extremely fantastic. So if your cat is on any form of dietary supplement or medicine, you could require to test various of the strategies in this article in advance of you obtain just one that will work.