6 Best Pet Tracker Features to Look For

6 Best Pet Tracker Features to Look For

The right pet tracker can keep your dog happier, healthier, and safer. However, not all GPS devices for dogs come equipped with the same great technologies. Let’s look at six of the best pet tracker features available on the market right now.

A pet tracker is a great way to keep your dog safer. At the very least, you can keep an eye on their whereabouts in case they take off during a walk, escape the backyard, or go wandering. Pet trackers can offer many beneficial features beyond simple tracking, but not all devices are created equal. If you’re looking to outfit your dog with GPS technology, here are the six best pet tracker features you’ll want the device to have.

1. Live Tracking

When your dog is missing, live tracking is critical to help locate them. Dogs are always on the move. A GPS collar that provides constant updates about their whereabouts will help you get your pooch back faster.

2. Voice Recall

You’ve probably spent a lot of time training your dog to have great recall so that when you call them, they come back. You can probably even take them to the dog park or throw their favorite toy and they’ll still come running when you call. But what happens when your dog is too far away to hear you? This is why voice recall is one of the best pet tracker features! You can still talk to your pup via a speaker on the tracker and recall them—even when they’re out of earshot.

3. Safety Zones

Does your dog like to run out the door, jump the fence, or leave your property when they’re not supposed to? Every minute counts when your dog gets out, which is why a pet tracker with a safety zone feature is so handy. You can set a virtual boundary for your dog, and if they happen to leave the zone, you’ll get an immediate alert.

4. Activity Monitoring

Does your dog get enough regular exercise? And where would you even start if you wanted to find out? With a GPS pet tracker equipped with activity monitoring, of course! Some apps use your dog’s personal information and daily step count to determine how many calories they burn and how active/inactive they are each day, allowing you to monitor their exercise and make adjustments as necessary.

5. Fully Waterproof

There’s nothing worse than spending good money on a device to keep your dog safer only to find it’s not reliable. So imagine your pup is missing and just when you’re about to track them down, you lose the signal. Uh oh. The tracker isn’t fully waterproof, and your dog just jumped in the lake. This is why it’s integral to invest in a device that’s 100% waterproof.

6. Light and Sound Tracking

A pet tracker that tells you exactly where your dog is will help you find a lost pup. But what if it’s the middle of the night, they’re in a dense forest, or other factors make it more difficult to bring them home? With this feature, you can enable lights and sounds on the tracker, making it easier to pinpoint their exact location.

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