Could you be our breed guru?

Could you be our breed guru?

Could you help the next generation of dog owners make fewer mistakes?
We’re looking to find breed gurus who can help point new owners in the right direction!
Could this be you?

Some years ago we published an indepth guide to choosing a dog – The Perfect Pup – we aim to update it, expand it and improve it! Can you help?

To look at the old Perfect Pup click here:

We used to have something similar many years ago called Dial-A-Dog – where (very often) amazing breed rescue people would help well meaning members of the public avoid making potentially catastrophic choices that would otherwise lead to dogs ending up in rescue.

(We created this long before Discover Dogs was set up by the KC and had a meeting with the then Secretary of the KC at the time who had really loved the concept).

Well this is kind of a modernisation of that model – combined with the bones of the Perfct Pup – but all updated for the virtual modern world of today.

Do have a look at the ‘draft’ version of Perfect Pup – on the bottom of each breed page is a file icon – if you click it it takes you to a form to complete if you’d like to be one of our breed experts.

While this was way ahead of its time when it came out, it may be in parts dated, so if there’s anything that needs an update or a tweak do shout!

Lots of breeds not yet there, too. So if your breed not yet there do email me – Beverley Cuddy, editor of Dogs Today all these last 34 or more years!

Any suggestions generally or any businesses interested in supporting this – do email [email protected] or [email protected] if your email doesn’t like our email’s server and you get a bounce!

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