DogsnHomes Rescue Celebrates 5th Anniversary with 548 Dogs Rehomed

Fleet-based charity, DogsnHomes Rescue, is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Since 2019, the organisation has successfully rehomed 548 dogs, primarily from Portugal and the UK.

DogsnHomes Rescue, led by co-founders Gary Baxter and Michelle Ballard, focuses on rescuing dogs from difficult circumstances and finding them loving homes. The charity works with a small group of dedicated volunteers to ensure each dog is matched with suitable adopters, providing follow-up support as needed.

Gary Baxter said, “Michelle and I started DogsnHomes Rescue in 2019 because we knew we could help some of the many abandoned dogs in Portugal, particularly puppies left on the streets to fend for themselves. These animals deserve the chance of a great home with people who will cherish them.”

“We work with all our adopters to ensure the right people are matched to the right dogs. We’re also there for any follow-up help and support. We’re thrilled to be celebrating our 5th birthday and never dreamt that we would help so many dogs when we started out!”

In addition to their rescue efforts in Portugal and the UK, DogsnHomes Rescue has been actively involved in supporting pets in Ukraine. Since the war began in 2022, the charity has delivered over 230,000 kg of pet food, aid, and medical supplies to abandoned pets left behind as people fled the conflict. One of their missions was documented in our September 2022 issue.

Last year, Gary and Michelle received a Points of Light Award for their work supporting thousands of dogs and cats in Ukraine.

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