How to Put Flea Medicine on a Cat

Putting flea medicine on an orange cat

Most cat mothers and fathers know that having their feline family members on a every month flea preventative is essential. Flea avoidance not only keeps people pesky critters off your cat and out of your house, but it also protects your cat from conditions that are transmitted by fleas. 

When dealing with fleas, it is valuable to understand how cats get fleas, how to discover them and how to pick out an helpful cat flea avoidance item to get rid of them. But figuring out how to set flea medication on a cat may perhaps look like a overwhelming undertaking. 

In this article, you will learn methods and qualified guidelines on how to utilize the treatment accurately and retain the expertise pressure-totally free for you and your feline friend. 

Varieties of Cat Flea Drugs

Prescription flea medicine for cats comes as a topical answer that is applied to the skin or a chewable tablet. These items eliminate fleas swiftly, provide month-to-month defense, and some supply cross-protection from other parasites these types of as ticks, heartworms, and intestinal parasites. 

There are non-prescription, in excess of-the-counter flea prevention solutions available for cats. These come in the forms of topical alternatives, shampoos, powders, and collars. Having said that, some of these options are ineffective at managing fleas.

Discuss to your veterinarian to choose the best type of flea medication for your cat and your lifestyle.  

Applying Cat Flea Drugs: Preparation Tips

The measures for applying topical flea treatment on your cat are not constantly the very same for each products. Here’s how to put together your feline good friend before applying the preventative. 

Read the recommendations and security info. Just before you get started, start out by reading through as a result of all of the recommendations. Just about every product or service may have special techniques or important basic safety facts. Do not skip or disregard this move. 

Affirm your cat’s fat. The volume of medicine in a topical flea treatment method software tube generally correlates to your cat’s pounds. It is a superior strategy to weigh your cat right before applying the medication. If your cat has attained or dropped body weight due to the fact their past dose, they could want a unique dosage quantity. Ahead of implementing the medicine, confirm that your cat’s fat even now matches the weight ranges that are outlined on the box or label. 

Double verify the age minimum amount. If you program to utilize flea medicine to your kitten, it is crucial to make absolutely sure your cat is previous ample. Most topical flea goods have an age minimal for kittens (typically 8-12 months aged) and it’s essential to observe individuals pointers to ensure your kitten’s security.

Stay clear of bathing your cat. It is also advised not to bathe your cat for 2-3 times prior to implementing the treatment. Bathing in advance of dries out the pores and skin and lowers the absorption of the treatment.

Do not break up or double the dose. You will need to use all the medication that is in the tube to your cat’s skin in purchase for the medication to operate appropriately. If you have two cats, do not split the medication in the tube involving two cats as this can direct to possibly accidental overdosages or ineffective underneath dosages. Use 1 tube of topical flea medicine for each cat.

Prep your room. Have some treats or food stuff completely ready close by to give to your cat after you set the medicine on. You should really also make a decision on a place for administering the medicine that will be snug for both you and your cat – whether or not that is on your lap or on a table. 

How to Use Flea Procedure on a Cat: 6 Steps 

Step 1: Take away the application tube from the packaging. 

Step 2: Keep the tube vertically and open up the suggestion as directed on the guidelines. It could call for inverting the suggestion and pushing it by way of the foil covering or it may perhaps call for scissors.

Phase 3: Keep your cat however and remain quiet. Continuous your cat on a table or on your lap in a snug place with their back again and neck easily accessible. If you have a family member or buddy who can hold your cat, a next set of palms may make the application method much easier. Make certain to breathe and be quiet. Your cat can decide on up on your stress, which can make the condition much more complicated. 

Step 4: Aspect the hair significant on your cat’s neck and upper back – in between the shoulder blades. Use this location to apply the medicine. 

Move 5: Abide by the recommendations to utilize all the treatment as directed. Squeeze out all of the medicine in the tube directly on to your cat’s skin.

Step 6: Toss the empty applicator in the trash. Make sure to dispose of it somewhere that your cat, other animals, and kids cannot achieve or entry.  

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How to Put Flea Medicine on a Complicated Cat

If your cat does not want to have flea medication applied and is hissing, growling, swatting, biting, or functioning away, there are some things you can attempt to make applying the medication less complicated.

Use food items as a motivator. Coat a lick mat with some tasty canned food stuff (pate design and style performs ideal) or peanut butter (xylitol absolutely free) and allow them lick the mat even though you utilize the medication. Alternatively if your cat loves treats, just distract them with treats though you apply the medicine.

Look at using a delicate sedative. Converse with your veterinarian about a harmless sedative that you can give your cat in advance of making use of the flea medicine.

Inquire your vet for assist. If you are genuinely struggling with putting flea medication on a hard cat at residence, most veterinarians are ready to support. Just take your cat to the vet business office and permit a veterinarian or veterinary technician apply the flea medication to your pet.

Change to an oral flea medicine. Most cats will eagerly consume the flavored flea medicine chewable tablets.

Safeguards When Working with Topical Cat Flea Drugs

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While most topical flea drugs are safe and non-poisonous to individuals, there are still some basic safety tips to hold in mind when applying these preventatives to your cat. 

In this article are some vital safety measures to abide by:

  • Clean your fingers following applying medicine.
  • Do not touch the spot where by the treatment has been used for at minimum 30 minutes. If the space looks soaked or greasy, stay clear of touching it.
  • Do not permit children contact the area in which treatment was applied for the similar total of time or extended. To be protected, it is recommended to maintain kids from touching the cat for several hrs immediately after application.
  • Do not wash your cat for at the very least 72 hrs immediately after implementing the medicine. It is finest not to clean them at all, as it will minimize the medicine efficacy.

FAQs About Implementing Cat Flea Remedy

Where is the ideal area to place flea medicine on a cat?

The greatest put to utilize flea medicine on a cat is on their back &#8212 down the again of the neck and in among the shoulder blades. It is essential to place the flea medicine on your cat in a area where they are unable to lick it off.

How do you give a tricky cat flea drugs?

If your cat is resisting topical flea solutions, you can test a couple distinctive measures to make the software less difficult. Put some soaked food items or xylitol-absolutely free peanut butter on a lick mat and enable your feline lap away while you utilize the medicine. Make positive to reward your cat with a distinctive deal with following the application. You can also test to have a friend or family member maintain your cat nevertheless although you implement the flea remedy. If you&#8217re continue to acquiring a challenging time, inquire your veterinarian if they can implement the flea medication or take into account switching to a chewable flea preventative for your cat.

Does if make any difference if the flea cure goes on a cat&#8217s fur?

If a very little little bit gets on your cat&#8217s fur, it received&#8217t be a difficulty. Even so, it&#8217s important to utilize your cat&#8217s topical flea medicine immediately onto their skin. Try out to aspect your cat&#8217s fur and set the idea of the applicator instantly in get hold of with your cat&#8217s skin to assure the product or service is absorbed appropriately.

How lengthy should really you hold out just before touching a cat following flea therapy?

It&#8217s very best to hold out at the very least 30 minutes just before touching your cat following the software of topical flea medicine. This will give the item time to be absorbed and dry. If the region looks greasy or seems to be wet, don&#8217t contact it. To be safe and sound, children need to wait around a couple of several hours just before touching cats immediately after flea drugs is applied.

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