Puppies abandoned in shoebox reunited with mum at RSPCA centre

Puppies abandoned in shoebox reunited with mum at RSPCA centre

Seven tiny abandoned puppies were reunited with their mother at the RSPCA’s Danaher Animal Home in Wethersfield, Essex, after being found in a shoebox.

On 3 May, a member of the public discovered the two-week-old puppies abandoned in a shoebox outside Braintree District Council office. The litter was then taken to Danaher Animal Home. Due to their young age, the puppies required intensive care and could not be left alone. Sam Garvey, General Manager of Danaher, took them home to hand-rear, feeding them every few hours to ensure their survival.

“We believe the puppies are terrier crosses but they were far too little to be away from their mum, so I took them home with me to hand-rear them and keep a close eye on them. I had to feed them every few hours and thankfully they’ve been doing well and continue to get stronger and stronger,” Garvey said.

In a fortunate turn of events, a local dog warden brought in a dog believed to be the puppies’ mother. This crossbreed dog, named Samantha after the manager who had been caring for the puppies, was found abandoned nearby in poor condition. However, despite initial hopes, Samantha and the puppies did not form a bond due to the time they had been apart.

“Samantha was so gentle and loving,” said Garvey. “But although it was lovely to reunite her with the puppies, she didn’t settle right in to take on the role of mum again, as it had been so long, so we decided to keep them separate.”

Samantha quickly found a new home and is now thriving with her new family. The puppies, named after Friends characters Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, and Gunther following a social media competition, continue to grow and are thriving.

The puppies are not yet ready for rehoming, but their profiles will be available on the Danaher website once they are.

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