Runny Cat Poop: 6 Causes and How to Help

Runny Cat Poop: 6 Causes and How to Help

Obtaining runny cat poop on the flooring outside the house of your cat’s litter box can be rather distressing, but it is some thing that most cat mom and dad will deal with at 1 stage or an additional through their cat’s everyday living. In point, in accordance to a report by Wholesome Paws pet insurance, stomach issues (like loose stool) were being by considerably the most frequent ailment in cats in 2019, creating up a 3rd of all insurance claims. [1]

Runny poop in cats has lots of unique causes, some harmless and some really really serious. Proceed looking through to discover out the most frequent results in of diarrhea in cats, what you can do to aid your cat sense greater, and how to notify when it is time to call your veterinarian. 

Runny Cat Poop: What Does it Look Like? 

Runny cat poop, also referred to as diarrhea, free stool, or watery stool, can just take on a variety of appearances. Healthier, standard cat poop should really be company, but not rock hard, and formed into a sausage shape. Anything wetter or mushier is viewed as diarrhea. The coloration of your cat’s poop is less critical – as long as they are normally delighted and healthier – and can range from cat to cat. Having said that, typically speaking, cat poop is brown to dim brown. 

If your cat has runny poop, it’s important to get observe of the actual regularity and visual appearance. This may give you a hint as to the severity of the dilemma and tutorial therapy if you require to just take your cat to the veterinarian. 

Decoding Cat Diarrhea: 6 Causes of Runny Cat Poop 

Below are a couple possible triggers of runny cat poop:

Dietary Adjustments

If you not too long ago ran out of your cat’s normal foods and experienced to swap to a new manufacturer or taste, it may well have induced runny poop. Your cat has trillions of microorganisms, like microbes and viruses, that typically inhabit their digestive tract (gut microbiome) and aid in turning food stuff into fuel and receiving rid of the waste in the type of poop. When cats are fed a steady diet plan, their gut microbiome adapts to digesting that certain food stuff. In transform, when a totally unique food items is fed abruptly, these flora are typically much less able of digesting the new food, ensuing in diarrhea. [2]

If your cat sneaks a bite of supper off of your plate, you give them a table scrap they really don’t normally try to eat, or they try to eat something out of the kitchen area trash can, this can also lead to loose stools. 

Bacterial infections

Bacterial infections with different parasites, germs, or viruses are a prevalent lead to of runny poop in cats, especially in kittens and cats who spend time outdoors. Common parasites that induce diarrhea in cats include:

  • Tritrichomonas
  • Coccidia
  • Giardia
  • Hookworms
  • Roundworms

Viruses that result in runny cat stool incorporate parvovirus and feline coronavirus, though some frequent bacterial causes are due to Salmonella and Clostridium bacterial infections.


Just as a demanding week at get the job done may lead to us to have an irritable bowel, stress can also trigger an upset tummy for your cat. Resources of strain in cats are not usually apparent to pet moms and dads but can array from loud development likely on next doorway to a adjust in your function agenda. 

Harmful toxins

Cats will generally help themselves to nibbles of the plants in their properties. Lots of crops are at least mildly toxic to cats, resulting in watery poop when ingested. For this purpose, it is critical to study any crops in your cat’s surroundings to ensure that they are not toxic. You can appear up crops on the ASPCA web page to come across out if you ought to eliminate them from your property. 

Sure meals, this kind of as chocolate, and a variety of in excess of-the-counter prescription drugs manufactured for humans are toxic to cats, causing diarrhea in addition to several other signs and symptoms. Once more, the ASPCA site is a excellent area to obtain out what really should be kept out of access of your cat.

Foodstuff Intolerance 

Cats and human beings alike can be delicate or allergic to 1 or a lot more foods, which can lead to free stools.

Chronic Health conditions

Quite a few continual conditions affecting diverse organs in the system can result in runny cat poop, which include:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Intestinal lymphoma

These disorders will usually lead to serious diarrhea (i.e. diarrhea that lasts for a longer period than two weeks or returns usually). It’s also crucial to note that if your cat has 1 of these ailments, they will also likely have other indicators of health issues other than diarrhea. 

What to Do About Runny Cat Poop

If your cat develops gentle, runny, or watery poop, you really do not essentially need to have to worry. Most situations of diarrhea in cats that come on abruptly, named acute diarrhea, are owing to small brings about and will solve on their individual within a few days. 

It is realistic to check your cat for two to a few times if their only symptom is loose stool and they are normally performing high-quality. You could provide them a bland diet plan consisting of cooked boneless, skinless chicken breast or baked white fish for a number of days to see if that aids. Nonetheless, if you have a kitten with diarrhea, it is most effective to have them appeared at by your veterinarian if the diarrhea does not take care of following one particular day. Kittens are far more probable to have infectious diarrhea and their bodies are fewer capable of fighting off infections.

Runny Cat Poop: When to Find Help 

You ought to find veterinary treatment if your cat’s runny poop lasts lengthier than two to three days, or if they establish any of the subsequent indications. 

Liquid poop

If your cat has extra than a pair of episodes of very liquid poop – feel uncontrollable, explosive diarrhea – you should get them instantly to a veterinarian. Liquid poop consists of generally drinking water and will extremely quickly direct to dehydration, which can be everyday living-threatening.


It is ordinary for cats to really feel a bit far more tired with most results in of runny poop, but if they grow to be very exhausted and quit going for walks all over or shifting, they are most possible seriously ill or dehydrated.


If your cat refuses to try to eat everything at all for a lot more than one particular working day, they should be checked out by your veterinarian. 


A few episodes of vomiting might not be just about anything to fret about in a cat with runny poop. Nevertheless, if your cat vomits multiple instances in a working day or can’t keep any meals or drinking water down, it’s critical for them to obtain health-related treatment, as intense vomiting can promptly guide to dehydration and may perhaps point out a severe problem. 

In addition, if you know your cat ate a plant or poisonous food items, or could have gotten into a residence medication, you must immediately get in touch with your veterinarian or animal poison regulate for assistance. 

Blocking Cat Diarrhea: Tips for Healthier Poop 

Feeding a total and well balanced feline diet that is appropriate for your cat or kitten’s daily life phase is the most vital point you can do to make confident your cat has healthful poop. Your veterinarian is your very best source for recommendations on what to feed your cat. If you do require to adjust your cat’s food, it is advisable that you do so step by step about a interval of at minimum one particular week, gradually cutting down the proportion of the previous food items and growing the proportion of the new food. 

Feeding your cat cooked foodstuff and averting raw food stuff diets is also recommended to avert your cat from having diarrhea, as raw meat typically harbors hazardous microorganisms this sort of as Salmonella, Listeria, and E. coli, which can cause unfastened stool and additional significant signs. You really should also avoid feeding your cat desk scraps, specially these that contains elements poisonous to cats or all those superior in fats. 

If your cat is vulnerable to owning runny poop from time to time, ask your veterinarian to recommend a probiotic for them. Probiotics consist of nutritious intestine microorganisms and can strengthen stool high quality for some cats. 

Cats with foodstuff intolerances or meals allergic reactions, or individuals with inflammatory bowel condition, typically gain from becoming fed prescription meal plans, these as hydrolyzed protein diet plans or remarkably digestible gastrointestinal weight loss plans. If your cat has chronic diarrhea, inquire your veterinarian about a prescription diet plan. 


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