The 1 Thing You Need to Get Your Cat to Drink More!

The 1 Thing You Need to Get Your Cat to Drink More!

Cats require to consume h2o to remain hydrated and healthier, but it is difficult to get feline friends to consume enough. A recirculating cat fountain is a resolution that doesn’t work for quite a few cats, so the AquaPurr fountain is listed here to help you save the day!

All animals want h2o to survive, but cat mom and dad have a harder time than others finding their 4-legged good friends to drink. Cats require to stay hydrated to retain their organs working and transfer oxygen and nutrition all around their bodies, but they are also fussy about their water and inclined to dehydration. Let’s come across out more about why cats need h2o, the one easy issue that will get your kitty to drink far more, and how you can earn a No cost AquaPurr fountain!

Why Cats Need to have to Consume H2o

Drinking water is a necessity for cats, just like it is for other animals. Water would make up concerning 60 and 70% of a feline’s fat, and cats have to have to drink about 4 ounces of drinking water per 5 lbs of entire body body weight day-to-day to stay hydrated. Here are just a couple of of the issues a cat requirements h2o for:

  • Circulation and bringing oxygen to cells
  • Digestion
  • Transporting vitamins
  • Lubricating joints
  • Guarding the organs
  • Holding tissue moist
  • Dissolving minerals and nutrition
  • Temperature regulation
  • Flushing out squander
  • Manufacturing saliva

The Results of Dehydration on Cats

Cats’ wild ancestors received most of their h2o from their food stuff. But fashionable kibble does not have a lot of dampness, so domesticated cats have to have to drink. However, many feline mates will not unless they have access to fresh new, thoroughly clean, neat, shifting h2o. Sad to say, not ingesting more than enough can lead to dehydration, and this can direct to added health and fitness problems, this sort of as:

  • Lethargy and weak point
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sunken eyes
  • Dry mucous membranes
  • Chloride, sodium, and potassium reduction
  • Complications with urinary and kidney challenges

Dehydration is especially stressing in cats with renal challenges for the reason that it can result in kidney problems, kidney stones, and urinary tract bacterial infections.

The Recirculating Cat Fountain Dilemma

Some cats will consume when thirsty, and some cats will only consume from cups or bogs, but all cats will drink operating water fresh from the tap. Many parents have turned to cat fountains to give their kitties frequent accessibility to functioning water, but these equipment have challenges. Specifically, saliva and foods can drop into the fountain, primary to biofilm that contaminates the pump. Until you disassemble the pump routinely for extensive cleaning, it will contaminate refreshing h2o as before long as it starts to circulate.

Get Your Cat to Drink Much more Water Devoid of Ever Getting to Clean Yet another Fountain!

AquaPurr is a innovative alternative that offers cats with cleanse, new, neat, functioning h2o. It will stimulate even the pickiest cats to consume much more, which could conserve life:

“Since our cat will only drink managing h2o and has renal problems, this is practically a lifesaver!”— Nan Thanler

What’s extra, you hardly ever have to cleanse it! The cat-activated device hooks up to any faucet and supplies your cat with on-demand access to fresh faucet drinking water. It doesn’t recirculate h2o, so AquaPurr by no means will get slimy, never requires cleaning, and does not have to have a filter that you have to adjust on a regular basis. Cats need to drink h2o, and they like accomplishing it from the AquaPurr fountain!

Gain an AquaPurr fountain!

Each and every 3 months, we’re offering away a Cost-free AquaPurr fountain to just one blessed cat parent! Never skip your prospect to gain, and really do not ignore to share this with other cat dad and mom!


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