The Best Dog Trainers In Tampa

Right Paw Dog Training

Anyone who owns a dog knows that training is essential to your and your dog’s happiness and wellbeing. Untrained dogs can cause many problems ranging from just being annoying to downright dangerous. Training is mandatory if you want to live in a happy home with your dog.

With that being said, training a dog on your own can be pretty tricky, especially if you do not know what you are doing or simply do not have the time. This is where finding a great dog trainer comes in. They can help you fix any negative behaviors your dog might have, as well as train your dog in basic obedience skills.

While the task of finding the perfect dog trainer may seem stressful, you do not have to worry. We have done the tedious work of weeding through all of the options for you to bring you this list of the best dog trainers in Tampa, Florida.

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1. Right Paw Dog Training


At Right Paw Dog Training, they aim to help your dog overcome any obstacle.

The trainer uses proven methods alongside new techniques to create personalized training programs for each dog. The company wants to bridge the gap between human and dog communication to help you and your dog have a better relationship.

Trainer Daniel Kean is a trained Specialist Dog Trainer who attended the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers. Daniel has over a decade of experience in training dogs. His primary objective is to improve the bond between dogs and their owners.

Right Paw Dog Training offers a two-week board and train program that is an excellent option for busy pet parents. This is an intensive training program that takes place in the trainer’s home and parks, shopping centers, and other areas that have distractions. In-home lessons are also offered for a more hands-on training experience.

You can head over to Right Paw Dog Training’s website to learn more about Daniel Kean and his services. If you would like to get in touch with him, you can call, email, or fill out an online form.

South Tampa Dog Training

2. South Tampa Dog Training


South Tampa Dog Training uses positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behavior in dogs of all breeds and ages. Here, they believe that every dog is a good dog, regardless of the behaviors they exhibit.

The location is overseen by Alison Alfandre, an approved dog instructor. Alison has been teaching since 2011. She has willingly offered numerous hours in nearby animal shelters and frequently joins workshops on dog instruction to stay updated.

South Tampa Dog Training provides many training services, but Alison’s expertise is in dealing with and fixing certain behavioral problems, like jumping, barking, chewing, nipping, and more.

Private in-home lessons are also offered, starting at $65 for 1 hour or $170 for three lessons. During these lessons, you can address a range of behavioral issues.

If you want to see more about Alison’s services, just go to the website for South Tampa Dog Training.

To contact her regarding prices or training inquiries, reach out by completing an online form located at the end of her website.


3. SafeK9


SafeK9 specializes in teaching obedience skills and improving behavioral issues. The trainer employs enjoyable training methods to assist you in mastering effective communication with your canine companion.

The dog training business was established in 2014 by Luis Safé, the owner and trainer. His goal is to assist you in comprehending your dog’s specific requirements and actions. He collaborates with all dogs, regardless of their breed, size, age, temperament, or history.

SafeK9 offers a specific puppy PreK program for puppies up to 6 months old. Basic and advanced obedience classes are also provided, including off-leash obedience lessons. You can also sign your dog up for behavioral therapy classes that are geared towards dogs with specific behavioral issues.

Check out SafeK9’s website to see the services offered and view their photos. You can get in touch by phone, email, or filling out a contact form on their site.

Sam Ivy K 9 Consultants

4. Sam Ivy K-9 Consultants


Sam Ivy K-9 Consultants specialize in virtual dog training and behavior consultations. The company assists dog owners nationwide in talking to their pets. This communication helps dogs improve their behavior.

The headquarters for Sam Ivy K-9 Consultants is based right in Tampa, Florida. The trainers are available for behavioral coaching. They design custom training programs specifically for each dog.

Sam Ivy K-9 Consultants offers a 3 to a 4-week puppy training course that teaches crate training, leash introduction, housebreaking, and establishing boundaries.

A 5 to 6-week intermediate obedience course is also offered, as well as a 7 to 8-week advanced obedience course. You could also opt for the 3 to 4-week “proper back behavior training” option, which focuses on specific problems, such as excessive barking, running away, or aggression.

To discover more about what Sam Ivy K-9 Consultants provides and meet their group, you can visit their website.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a training session, contact them by emailing, calling, or booking a free online consultation.

Tampa Bay K 9 Solutions

5. Tampa Bay K-9 Solutions


At Tampa Bay K-9 Solutions, trainers use reward-based training methods and positive reinforcement techniques to ensure your dog has a safe and force-free training environment. They offer a free, no-obligation consultation and temperament test.

Rick Carde is the owner and master trainer with 10 years of dog training experience. He specializes in canine behaviorism and communicates with dogs on their level. Once he discovered dog training on a professional level, he never looked back.

Tampa Bay K-9 Solutions provides individual lessons, group lessons, and training programs for dogs. They offer both basic and advanced training options, including private lessons or a 21-day training program with boarding.

There are also behavior modification programs to help resolve specific issues your dog might be facing, such as excessive barking, jumping, or aggression tendencies.

If you wish to learn additional information about Tampa Bay K-9 Solution’s training programs or read about their achievements, you may visit their website. To arrange a complimentary consultation or if you have any inquiries, you can get in touch with them by calling or completing their online form.

What To Look For When Searching For A Great Dog Trainer?

Cynologist with husky on dog walk obstacle in agility trial

One of the primary concerns when looking for a great dog trainer should be the trainer’s experience and certifications.

An experienced dog trainer is someone who will properly and successfully train your dog in a safe manner. A trainer’s certifications show that they have spent time learning about dog training and are truly dedicated professionals.

You also need to consider the needs of you and your dog when searching for a great dog trainer. Whether you are looking for basic obedience training or something more specific, like behavior modification training for aggression tendencies, you will need to make sure the trainer you are looking at offers those options.

If you are looking for something more specific, such as training a dog out of a negative habit, you definitely want to find a dog trainer that specializes in that area or offers programs specific to that area of training.

Lastly, consider the prices. While dog training can be quite expensive, there are plenty of great dog trainers out there that will not break the bank.


Finding a dog trainer that can understand dog behavior and communicate it to your dog can be difficult. It is always a good idea to book in with a reputable dog trainer as soon as you notice behaviors in your dog that you don’t like.

With this list of the best dog trainers in Tampa, finding the right dog trainer for your dog will take no time at all. You are well on your way to a perfectly behaved pup.

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