Yorkie Haircuts

Hair Style for Your Yorkie Pet

Searching for ways to maintain your Yorkie puppy’s adorable look with fashionable hairstyles? Learn how to ensure your Yorkie remains chic, regardless if their fur is luxuriously long, perfectly straight, or trimmed neatly.

This dog breed has unique hair–in fact, they somehow look like human hair in that it grows fine and long in a single coat. This means they don’t shed almost as much as other breeds, but they do require to go to the groomer for a regular haircut. 

Although the amount of hair maintenance for your puppy’s coat can be time-consuming, it also provides you a chance to explore various Yorkie hairstyle choices.

To help you out, we’ve put together a bevy of adorable Yorkie haircut styles and grooming ideas for you–choose the one you think best complements your special, wonderful Yorkie dog and you’re both bound to be very pleased.

Are Yorkies Hard to Maintain?

We all know Yorkshire Terriers aren’t particularly a low-maintenance breed. But are Yorkie coats difficult to maintain? Well, yes and no. Yorkshire Terrier is a dog breed that requires proper and frequent grooming.

And if at least a tiny bit of effort isn’t given into regularly maintaining a Yorkie coat, things can get messy in a jiff. A Yorkie’s fur isn’t exactly fur at all. In fact, it’s more like the hair of a human that grows without shedding until it’s cut [1].

That is the reason why this dog is considered hypoallergenic. Imagine if you had a head full of hair that was rarely combed, washed, or cut? You’d also end up with a mess. Good thing some of our favorite cute Yorkie haircuts can come in handy in simplifying hair care for your pup.

Popular Yorkie Haircut Styles

If you’ve ever seen a dog show, you know the lengths some Yorkie owners are willing to go for showy Yorkie hair styles. However, these types of Yorkie hairstyle require a big investment of energy and time, as well as large sums of money spent at the groomer. Here are a few of our favorite Yorkie haircuts for your puppy.

Schnauzer Trim

This is the type of haircut Yorkie will love. As the name implies, this Yorkie haircut will make your pup appear to have a Schnauzer face. To get this look–clip your puppy’s mustache and ears a bit longer, leaving a slight skirt of hair on the bottom third of the legs and body.

The black parts of your dog’s hair are trimmed shorter than half an inch, and the tan portions are left a bit longer, based on the owner’s preference, but the typical length that is handpicked is about two inches. Just make sure the hair on the top of your dog’s head is kept away from his eyes.

Teddy Bear Cut

This is a classical Yorkie hairstyle designed to make your Yorkie look like a plush teddy bear toy. For this look, fur is significantly clipped at two-to-three inches all over the body, excluding the face where the hairs are trimmed in a circular style that gives the impression of a sweet, cuddly teddy bear.

This teddy bear cut, especially the circular clip in the face, gives a slightly poofy and floor appearance that might result in a considerable loss of time since you won’t be able to resist picking up your pup for a squeeze every time it walks by.

Though the teddy bear look does need more regular trips to the groomer to maintain the right length, and it will require regular brushing to prevent mats and knots. This Yorkie hairstyle is still relatively low maintenance which makes regular bathing and daily brushing less time-consuming.

Yorkie Hair Cut and Hair Style

Puppy Cut

The Yorkie puppy cut is perhaps the most famous haircut, especially for Yorkie puppies. For this Yorkie haircut, keep the hair at the same length all over the body. It usually includes trimming the face of your puppy somewhat close to his head’s natural contours but leaving it a bit longer to fill out the face.

Easy to maintain, this Yorkie cut style is well-known because it gives your dog a lovely and angelic look, without being too high in maintenance. Your puppy has a neat face with this style, it’s tangle-free, and is ideal for hot summer months as it allows the hair of your dog to breathe.

If you want to give your puppy a bit more length on the face, you may want to ask your groomer for a “squared puppy cut,” which will give the length of the facial hair a bit longer and leave a more rounded appearance on the face. Make sure to discuss how long or short you would like the face to be clipped. For this look, the legs and the body hair are trimmed short.

But, the hair on the face is clipped in such a way that a square bob is achieved. To get the final touch of the square shape, use a bit of gel at the end of the facial hair, which is around an inch long. Again, the hairstyle will depend on the owner if he or she desires to keep the Yorkie’s facial hair a bit longer so the puppy still keeps the top knot.

Show Cut

The Yorkie Show Cut is dashing with long hair and luxurious top knot and locks, which made this style the quintessential Yorkie cut in a dog show. Applicable for both male or female Yorkie, this classic Yorkie haircut showcases the natural beauty of the coat of the dog. The style allows the coat to grow the body long to floor-length.

Sponsored by the American Kennel Club, this Yorkie haircut is generally sports at dog shows. The main objective of this style is to keep the long hair of the dog in the most natural way. The likelihood that you have this style is to cut slightly the ears, coat, face, and feet, getting a spruce look that is desired.

The name that the top of the hair is known for, the topknot, is achieved by gathering it on a ponytail, fastening it on the top of the head with a bow to be held away from the eyes of the dog. Just make sure to wash the dog’s long hair on a daily basis.

Yorkshire Terrier Popular Haircuts

Kennel Cut

One of our favorite haircuts, Yorkie Kennel Cut is another famous option, particularly when those summer months roll around. This haircut is composed of very short hair on the body, with the hair on the tail, legs, face, and head kept just a smidge longer. The ears and mustache are clipped to about a half-inch, and the paws are trimmed up so they look clean and neat.

Grooming Tip for Yorkies

Besides knowing Yorkie’s grooming style, let’s talk about some grooming tips.

Keep Fur Clean

While a Yorkie dog is not known for roaming the great outdoors, this pup still manages to get pretty messy when curiosity hits them. So when they do, it is essential to keep their hair clean and free of debris. Bathing your dog at least every few weeks or when necessary is a great way to maintain its fine coat to a minimum. And always bear in mind to use a high-quality dog shampoo, not a hair-care product made for humans.

Regular Brushing

After bathtime, a few careful grooming is in sequence. Regular brushing is the best way to keep your Yorkie’s hair from becoming matted or knotted. The longer his coat is, the more often the brushing is required. If possible, give your puppy a quick brush every other day or daily. At the very least, weekly grooming is necessary to keep their coat tangle-free and clean.

Moreover, make sure you know which type of brush to use for the kind of grooming, coats, or tangles you are dealing with. Yorkie coats may need a brush that has a very light touch on your puppy’s body with the edge of the bristles.


After you have groomed and bathed your dog, the last step is to keep your Yorkie coat with a pleasing look through a leave-in conditioner. Take note not all products are designed with the pH balance of a dog’s skin in mind, so be careful when choosing a quality conditioner created specifically for Yorkie dogs.

Popular Yorkie Hair Style

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Does A Yorkie Need A Haircut?

To maintain the chosen Yorkie haircut and length, the hair will need to be trimmed about every 6 to 8 weeks. If, in case, the trim is skipped, don’t fret. Nothing bad will happen. It’s just that more attention will need to be paid for brushing, the coat will be longer, and possible tangles will occur.

Does A Yorkie Shed?

No, a Yorkie doesn’t shed. Yorkies do not have an undercoat so they don’t shed. But many breeders recommend owners to keep their Yorkies in a “puppy cut”, which is easy to maintain and is short.

Does A Yorkie’s Fur Get Thicker?

It depends on the genetics of the breeding of a Yorkie. It may have a more dense fur or even a wiry coat. It’s harder to achieve that with a thicker, wiry, or dense coat.

Most Yorkie owners prefer to keep their puppies in a shorter haircut to manage wiry or dense coat types. And besides, a Yorkshire Terrier has a coat of hair, not fur. Hair undergoes a slower renewal cycle of rest, growth, and fall-out, hence causing far less shedding.


If you’re a fan of fancy Yorkie haircuts, make sure to take care of your puppy’s eyes to avoid damaging your dog’s vision. Cut the fur short or make ponytails. Since Yorkies also grow long hair on their ears, you should also need to take special care of your dog’s ears.

No matter what cut you pick for your Yorkie, we know that their remarkable coif is part of what makes this breed so pleasing. It’s up to you to decide what style best matches their personality, and what best suits your family, lifestyle, and wallet.

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