2 Ways Streaming Services Fail Animal-Loving Families

2 Ways Streaming Services Fail Animal-Loving Families

Families and animal lovers have had a tough time finding things to watch because the streaming services available just didn’t have enough family-friendly content about animals. Until buddi, that is!

Most Americans spend so much time scrolling that there’s never enough time to watch anything. And the more specific you are about what you want to see, the less likely you’ll find something to watch. But what if there was a streaming service dedicated solely to the type of content you want? buddi is the new kid on the block, and the only streaming service out there dedicated to family-friendly content by pet people, for pet people. buddi curates and creates movies, TV shows, and pet content suitable for animal lovers of all ages, succeeding where other streaming services have failed!

1. Conventional Streaming Services Don’t Have Enough Content About Animals

When scrolling social media, you always stop to watch the heartwarming animal rescue videos. Every spring, you diligently check the live nest cams to see if the bald eaglets have hatched. When you visit the dog park, you know all the dogs by name but none of the people. If any of this sounds familiar, then you could probably watch pet-related content all day, every day and never get tired of it. And make no mistake—there is tons of animal-related content around!

The problem is that nobody has been focusing on pulling together all the pet content that’s out there. Animal lovers looking for this type of content must subscribe to multiple streaming channels and use social media to find the things they want to watch. There’s a reason every American spends, on average, nearly $50 a month subscribing to nearly three streaming services, and it’s because they can’t get everything they want in one place.

2. You Have to Be Vigilant if You Want Family-Friendly Content

The problem with movies and shows featuring animals is they aren’t always suitable for animal lovers to watch. Far too often, the animals get hurt or worse, and that’s not something pet people want to see. Heck, there’s a reason there are entire websites dedicated to providing trigger warnings for movies where the dog dies!

And the same is true when it comes to kids. Just because a movie or show features an animal doesn’t mean it’s family-friendly or that it deals with themes and subject matter that’s appropriate for young audiences. Plenty of media featuring animals still contains bad language, violence, and other mature content.

buddi: Content for Pet People and Families!

The newest kid on the streaming services block, buddi is your one-stop shop for family-friendly content about animals. Quit scrolling endlessly and let buddi fetch your favorite content for you! For just $7.99/month or $79/year, you get unlimited access to completely ad-free:

  • Movies
  • Shows
  • Live TV
  • Documentaries
  • Original content

It also features a library of short educational videos about food, behavior, health, travel, grooming, and more! And for every new subscriber, buddi donates to a Champion of the Month charity.

It’s time to stop scrolling, put down the remote, grab the popcorn, and settle in to watch your favorite pet movies with the family!

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