7 Fun Facts About Your Cat’s Nose and Sense of Smell

7 Fun Facts About Your Cat's Nose and Sense of Smell

Did you know your cat orients himself by scent, or that he has a exclusive nose print? Verify out these enjoyment and fascinating points about the feline nose and its awesome perception of scent.

You may not think a lot about your cat’s nose, other than how cute it seems, but did you know it options above 200 million scent receptors? This is just a person of lots of exceptional points about the feline sense of smell. Examine on for seven enjoyable facts about your kitty’s nose and his olfactory powers.

1. KITTENS CAN Recognize THEIR Mothers BY Smell

The sense of scent is frequently referred to as the olfactory process. This only indicates an skill to inhale and discover scents. It is a talent kittens are born with, when their eyes are even now shut. A newborn kitten’s perception of smell helps him discover the scent of his mother and nestle shut to drink milk. The scent of the mother is explained to remain in the kitten’s memory for up to one particular calendar year, according to the American Veterinary Association of Animal Actions.

2. YOUR CAT’S Sense OF Odor IS Significantly Improved THAN YOURS

Thanks to all those 200+ million scent receptors on a cat’s nose, our kitties can smell a great deal far better than we can, notes Dr. Carly Patterson of the Texas A&M College or university of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. Cat’s really do not scent as effectively as canine, whose noses have significantly extra scent receptors, but modern research has revealed cats might be better than pet dogs at discerning in between unique smells.


Cats reside in a scent-oriented globe. Their sense of scent can help them come across their way house, guides them to prey, and even detects the gender of an additional cat just by sniffing urine. It also enables them to smell foods and know whether or not it is good to take in, or has passed its “best before” day! Cats have pretty couple flavor receptors, so if their food items has a fantastic smell then it’s time to tuck in.


Have you ever observed your cat sitting down with her mouth partly open and a faraway seem in her eyes? She’s most probably scenting the air with a unique organ situated in the roof of her mouth. Identified as the vomeronasal organ, or Jacobson organ, it can detect pheromones in the air, a combination of cat secretions such as urine, saliva, and sweat. Canine do not possess this potential and are not able to odor pheromones.

The Jacobson organ is like a scent analyzer for odors cats don’t recognize.

According to Kai Zhao, associate professor of otolaryngology and writer of a current examine at Ohio Condition College, “it’s like you choose a sniff, the air is capturing back again there and then is currently being processed for a a lot more time time.” This suggests that in its place of air currently being breathed by means of the nose and into the respiratory process for analysis, it is taken in by the Jacobson organ rather. Cat Qualified Pam Johnson-Bennett provides that this organ is like a scent analyzer for odors cats really do not identify.

5. A CAT’S NOSE Coloration Doesn’t Constantly MATCH HIS FUR Shade

It’s been stated that the color of a cat’s nose matches his fur — e.g. black cats have black noses, white cats have pink noses, orange cats have orange noses, and gray cats have grey noses. But this isn’t often the situation. When learning the developmental genetics of color styles in cats, scientists from the Division of Genetics at Stanford College College of Medication uncovered that the cat’s fur (and nose) colour and styles are connected with breed, genetics, and age. Some cats even have freckles on their noses.

6. Each and every CAT HAS A Unique NOSE PRINT

Just like human fingerprints, every single cat’s nose print is unique. Cats have distinctive bumps and ridges on their noses that variety this print. The Globe Animal Foundation estimates there are about 300 to 600 million cats in the earth nowadays, so that is a good deal of nose prints! Many thanks to advancing know-how, there are now applications that can track down a cat employing her nose print — you simply just upload a photograph of your cat’s exceptional nose print, with the possibility of introducing other particulars these kinds of as breed or coloration, and the information gets logged into a info discovering locator.

7. THE Pores and skin ON A CAT’S NOSE FEELS LIKE Leather-based

If you contact the pores and skin on your kitty’s nose, you are going to come across it has a leathery sense. Recognized as nose leather-based, also known as the rhinarium by scientists, this moist, naked surface all over the nostrils will help the cat feeling wind course or sniff her way home or to food.

Check out Your Cat’s Nose

Veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker recommends examining your cat’s nose when she’s sleeping. Is her nose dry or wet, neat or heat? Is her mouth shut or a little bit open? A cat’s nose leather-based can also be matter to sunburn or the results of intense chilly, so make certain it is not flaking, chapped, or scabby. Any persistent adjust in the overall look of your cat’s nose warrants a excursion the veterinarian.

Choose time to familiarize by yourself with your cat’s distinctive nose. Being aware of a little something about his nose and perception of odor will aid you improved understand and treatment for your kitty.

Nadia Ali is a freelance writer who was born in London, England and now life on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. She is impressed by Cici, her family cat. Her perform has been published online and in print.