8 Reasons to Try Grass Seed Cat Litter

Grass seed cat litter is a purely natural sort of litter created totally of grass seeds. Right here are 8 motives you could possibly want to consider it.

Any cat parent can notify you that there are new sorts of cat litter coming on to the market place just about every day, and it is acquiring more durable and more difficult to decide on the right product for your kitty. Several cat moms and dads use regular clay litter for the reason that it’s available almost everywhere and comparatively economical. And with all the decisions, it seems easier to adhere with what you know. But a single type of litter that’s strike the cabinets just lately may be a match changer for cats and their people, and which is grass seed cat litter.

1. Normally Reduced-Dust Litter

A single of the key problems with regular clay litter is the dust. Dust gets on your stuff, and it can also influence indoor air high quality. In simple fact, the dust from clay litter can be a trigger for cats and people with allergies and bronchial asthma. By contrast, grass seed cat litter has nearly no dust, and your cat will not monitor it by means of the residence.

2. Excellent Clumping and Effortless to Scoop

Grass seed cat litter swiftly sorts firm and sound clumps when it receives wet, so it’s simple to scoop and cleanse up. What&#8217s a lot more, you won’t get piles of soaked clay trapped on the scoop or the bottom of the litter box.

3. Biodegradable

As the name implies, grass seed cat litter is just grass seed, indicating it is 100% biodegradable. On the other hand, clay litter is not biodegradable and can keep in landfills for hundreds of a long time.

4. Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Another trouble with clay litter is that persons mine it. This requires an enormous selection of sources and is not good for the planet. Grass seed, by contrast, grows the natural way, does not have to be mined, and is much greater for the surroundings.

5. Normal and Unscented

Grass seed is a organic, unscented content. It’s an outstanding alternative for cats (and individuals) with allergy symptoms and sensitivities triggered by the forms of fragrances they typically use in clay litter.

6. Lightweight

If you have ever bought clay litter, then you know just how large and inconvenient it is. Grass seed is a a lot lighter materials, generating it easier to purchase and dispose of.

7. Comfortable Texture

As opposed to hard clay pieces, grass seed cat litter has a smooth texture which is gentle on paws, making it at ease for cats to dig when they’ve completed their enterprise.

8. Odor Management

Grass seed has normal odor-handle homes, so the litter can help seal in disagreeable odors, making sure a nice-smelling dwelling for both equally cats and their people.

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