Dog Anxiety Medication: 12 Options to Consider

Anxious dog hiding under furniture

Psychological health and fitness has turn into an significantly significant subject matter in human health, but our pets’ mental wellbeing justifies just as significantly notice.

Like folks, canine can undergo from stress. If not well managed, this anxiousness can negatively affect a dog’s psychological well-staying and physical wellness.

Panic can’t be remedied, but it can be managed with over-the-counter (OTC) anti-nervousness merchandise, prescription medicines, and behavioral modification, in accordance to a veterinarian’s therapy suggestions.

Let’s consider a closer glimpse at why anxiousness aid for pet dogs is so important and take a look at some OTC and prescription doggy stress medication alternatives to take into account.

Nervousness Relief for Pet dogs: Why It’s Crucial

We all feel nervous once in a while, and our pet dogs are no unique. A demanding condition or setting normally triggers that nervous experience. Stress and anxiety results in being a difficulty in our puppies when it is not perfectly controlled and is allowed to develop unchecked. 

The most prevalent root brings about of stress and anxiety in canines include things like anxiety, separation, and aging.

Concern-relevant anxiety may well be shorter-lived and is frequently activated by loud noises, unusual or unfamiliar environments, and unfamiliar animals. 

Dogs with separation stress grow to be nervous and just cannot tranquil by themselves down when separated from their relatives users. Indicators of separation stress consist of participating in damaging conduct and obtaining toilet mishaps in the house.

Senior puppies can come to be anxious and bewildered when they get started to reduce their memory and awareness, signaling the onset of canine cognitive dysfunction. Canine cognitive dysfunction resembles human dementia. 

Other conditions, such as ache and unfamiliar scents, can also set off nervousness in puppies.

Stress and anxiety indications could be apparent or delicate and fluctuate in their depth and frequency:

Clear indicators

  • Pacing
  • Panting
  • Drooling
  • Avoidance
  • Trembling
  • Aggression
  • Restlessness
  • Hunger loss
  • Harmful conduct
  • Bathroom mishaps
  • Whining and crying

Delicate signs or symptoms

Still left unchecked, anxiousness in pet dogs can result in behavioral problems like aggression and self-personal injury. Chronic anxiousness can consider a toll on a dog’s physical overall health, raising the danger of allergy symptoms and digestive complications like inflammatory bowel disorder.

If you imagine your doggy is anxious, choose them to your veterinarian and provide a in-depth record of your dog’s panic. Your vet can support you detect the result in(s) and create an individualized therapy prepare, which may possibly include puppy nervousness treatment.

What Can I Give My Doggy for Anxiety?

Managing nervousness in canines will take a multi-modal strategy with medication and behavioral modification, which we’ll explore afterwards in the post. Even with numerous treatment options readily available, keep in mind there are no speedy fixes. Also, there is no ‘one sizing matches all’ management tactic, and therapy might have to have to be tweaked in excess of time.

OTC alternatives to handle dog panic do not demand a veterinary prescription. For case in point, aromatherapy with calming scents (e.g., lavender) and pheromone diffusers can minimize dog stress and anxiety. Pheromones are organic human body substances that our pets launch into the atmosphere. 

Other non-prescription anti-anxiousness remedies for canine are formulated as chews, tablets, and drops. CBD has become broadly well-known for minimizing anxiousness, specifically in people today. CBD chews are offered for canine, but investigation on CBD’s use and security in canine is even now rather new and ongoing.

Prescription pet dog anxiety medication is utilised for situations of significant stress and anxiety but can also be utilized to ease shorter-phrase nervousness, this sort of as ahead of a thunderstorm or fireworks. These are generally human medications that are used ‘off label’ (not the Fda-permitted indication) in pet dogs.

Normally talk to your veterinarian before setting up your dog on an anti-stress treatment or products.

5 Health supplements and OTC Anxiety Meds for Dogs

Quite a few OTC drugs and stress and anxiety health supplements for puppies are out there to take care of anxiousness.


Solliquin bottle

Solliquin is a day-to-day chewable tablet containing two plant extracts — magnolia and phellodendron — to enable relaxed anxious dogs. It also is made up of L-theanine, an amino acid that is risk-free for pet dogs and has been proven to alleviate pet dog stress and anxiety. 

Purina Pro Prepare Calming Treatment Complement

Purina ProPlan Calming Care supplement

This powdered dietary supplement is sprinkled onto foodstuff and specified everyday according to veterinarian recommendations. It consists of probiotics, which are superior intestine microbes. The probiotic strain in this complement, BL999, has been revealed to lower nervous habits and assistance canine sustain calm behavior in stress filled conditions.

VetriScience Composure Chunk Sizing Chews for Canine

VetriScience Composure Chews for Dogs

These calming chews are supposed for canine whose anxiety is brought on by environmental stressors, this sort of as moving or a veterinary stop by. It has three calming components for pet dogs: L-theanine, thiamine (vitamin B1), and a proprietary protein mix. These chews can be offered as needed or each day.

Rescue Treatment drops

Bach Rescue Remedy

Rescue Treatment drops are a popular option for cutting down stress and anxiety in pet dogs. The drops, which include a blend of floral extracts, can be presented when a puppy is in force- or anxiety-inducing environments, like loud noises or just after a sudden fright. They can be added to food stuff or water and repeated as essential to serene your pet dog in demanding circumstances.

ThunderWunders Calming Chews for Pet dogs

ThunderWunders calming chews for dogs

These calming chews are suggested to relieve puppy panic induced by thunder and fireworks, journey, vet and groomer visits, and separation anxiety. They incorporate ginger to settle panic-induced tummy upset, alongside with L-theanine and L-tryptophan (an amino acid) to lessen anxiousness. Other substances contain a flower extract and melatonin.

These chews can be given to canine 12 weeks and older and should really be supplied throughout or after a meal to stop belly upset. 

Doggy Stress and anxiety Medicine: 7 Prescription Choices

Prescription anti-panic drugs for dogs may possibly be specified extended-time period or shorter-phrase for stress and anxiety aid, based on a dog’s form and severity of stress and anxiety. They change concentrations of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) that play a job in anxiety.

These prescription puppy nervousness remedies may interact with other medicines and often have facet effects that can be unpleasant but are generally tolerable. Assessment your dog’s present treatment record with your veterinarian right before setting up a canine panic medicine.


Clomicalm for dogs

Clomicalm (generic name: clomipramine) will come in pill type and treats separation anxiousness in pet dogs. It is a tricyclic antidepressant, a class of drugs that is usually made use of to take care of melancholy with stress and other psychological health and fitness problems in men and women. 

When utilized with behavioral modification, Clomicalm allows lower separation nervousness-linked behaviors, which include inappropriate elimination and damaging habits. It is specified with meals and may well cause aspect results this kind of as vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea.


Reconcile for dogs

Reconcile (generic title: fluoxetine) is a chewable pill. It is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), a drug class that blocks the reuptake of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that assists deal with stress. Amplified serotonin stages in the brain enable minimize panic.

Reconcile treats separation panic and is supplied as soon as every day. Probable aspect results contain urge for food reduction, tummy upset, and despair.


Alprazolam (model identify: Xanax) is a short-acting anti-panic medicine. It is readily available as a pill or liquid and must be given about 30 to 60 minutes just before an nervousness-inducing party, these kinds of as fireworks.

Alprazolam can be offered on an empty tummy but also with food stuff to minimize tummy upset. Possible facet effects contain lethargy, enhanced hunger, and incoordination.


Buspirone (brand name title: BuSpar) is a further limited-performing anti-panic medication. It will come in pill kind and, like alprazolam, can be specified with or without the need of foods.

Buspirone’s results generally get a number of weeks to become evident. Facet results include sleepiness, lessened urge for food, and stomach upset.


Diazepam (brand name identify: Valium) has numerous utilizes, a person of which is minimizing panic in pet dogs. It will come in liquid or tablet kind and is presented with or with out foodstuff. 

Diazepam is limited-performing and really should be provided about 1 hour just before an anxiousness-triggering occasion. It will just take influence in about 1 to 2 hours. Aspect consequences contain incoordination, drooling, and increased urge for food.


Trazodone (model title: Desyrel) is an SSRI that treats separation stress and anxiety in puppies and anxiety brought on by cases like fireworks, vet visits, and vacation. It is a pill that can be presented with or without foods, depending on how perfectly your dog’s tummy tolerates it.

Trazodone can be offered for brief-phrase nervousness (1 to 2 hrs) or long-term anxiety therapy. Facet results are typically gentle and consist of lethargy, vomiting, and improved urge for food.


Sileo (generic identify: dexmedetomidine) is an Fda-authorised gel that treats sound aversion in dogs. It is the to start with products of its sort. Sileo produces a calming impact without the need of producing sedation, helping dogs continue to be notify as their stress and anxiety amounts reduce.

The gel is administered in a dog’s cheek pouch about 30 to 60 minutes prior to an panic-inducing event. Supplemental doses can be offered (up to five) at the very least two hrs apart. After administration, a pet should really not be fed for at minimum 15 minutes to ensure absorption.

Potential side outcomes contain pale gums and a fall in blood stress.

How to Help Canine Stress: Other Ideas and Assistance

Managing your dog’s stress is a approach. Perform intently with your veterinarian to observe your dog’s reaction to remedy and alter the procedure program as essential.

Instead than getting employed alone, medicine for pet dogs with anxiousness is used with behavioral modification. Behavioral modification methods include things like counterconditioning (replacing nervous conduct with a desirable conduct, like sitting down) and desensitization. Your veterinarian might refer you to a veterinary behaviorist who will evaluate your dog’s anxiousness and develop a custom made procedure program.

Quite a few residence techniques can also support lower your dog’s anxiety, this kind of as setting up and maintaining a plan and producing a risk-free house for your puppy.

Be affected person with your puppy (and by yourself) as you discover to handle your dog’s stress and anxiety. In time, your dog’s stress and anxiety will reduce, aiding you and your pet dog breathe a welcome sigh of relief.