Sweet three-legged Flump seeks a forever home

Sweet three-legged Flump seeks a forever home

A sweet natured Staffordshire Bull Terrier who has spent nearly two years in Dog Trust care is seeking his Scottish sweetheart. Staff at Dogs Trust Glasgow Rehoming Centre are completely flummoxed as to why fabulous Flump is still to meet his special someone.

Eight-year-old Flump, who is as sweet as his name suggests, is the blue-eyed boy with the team at Dogs Trust Glasgow who describe him as a delightful dog with an affectionate nature.

Sandra Downie, Manager at Dogs Trust Glasgow Rehoming Centre said, “Flump is a special boy whose life to date has been full of challenges, yet no matter the challenge he faces, he overcomes them all with great gusto. Flump came into our care in August 2022.  He had been neglected and had a damaged leg.  Earlier this year, Flump had his right hind leg amputated due to this historic injury which had sadly deteriorated but this doesn’t hold him back and he has adapted brilliantly to life on three legs.”

“As well as being a very loving, happy, lad, Flump is also very clever and loves to learn new things. The training team have spent lots of time with Flump which has paid off.  He is an expert at responding to voice cues including going to bed, standing behind a gate and settling on command. Flump learns quickly and we are keen that his training continues in his new home.

“Flump has had a skin allergy which may involve short term treatment, and this is something which we will discuss with anyone interested in adopting him. Flump is such a beautiful boy both inside and out and we encourage anyone looking to share their life with a loving and loyal dog to come and meet our fabulous Flump.”

Although super friendly with people, Flump feels overwhelmed around other dogs so requires an adult only home where he is the only pet and with no neighbouring dogs. He would also enjoy being exercised in dog free areas where he can relish relaxing walks. A secure garden space would ensure Flump is one very happy boy.

You can read more about fabulous Flump here.

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