The Best Dog Rescue Centres In the North West

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Adopting a pet is a whole lot of fun. Seeing the joy in your family’s eyes when they first see the new puppy is priceless.

However, for many individuals, choosing to adopt a canine from a dog rescue might prove to be a significantly preferable choice over going to a skilled breeder.

With that said, if you’re in the North West of England, then you may be familiar with all the different dog rescue centres in the area, making it hard to find the right option where you can find a new pup.

That’s why we’re here. We’ve done all the research to find the best dog rescue centres in the North West and why they deserve your attention and support.

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1. Dog Trust Merseyside


We begin with the Dog Trust Merseyside. This place mainly operates in Huyton and other areas of Liverpool, helping many dogs find new homes annually. And at their site, they offer care for about 14,000 pets each year.

This makes them one of the most prolific and popular dog rescue centres in the North West. The reason they are so popular is that they date back a long time. In fact, the animal welfare charity was originally established in 1891, giving them more than a century of experience.

On top of that, the centre also hosts talks, forums, and workshops to promote the safety of animals, animal welfare, and even responsible pet ownership. So, the Dog Trust Merseyside puts in a whole lot of effort to care for pets in the area.

In addition to rehabilitating and rehoming animals, this place provides a variety of services. These services involve instruction, healthcare, holidays, and additional offerings. Additionally, if you’re a new pet parent, you can attend workshops and receive guidance on correctly looking after your unique dog.

So, how can you help out the Dog Trust Merseyside?

Well, you can help them out by adopting a dog and giving them a forever home where they can live a good life. You may also sponsor a pet or make a donation to the organisation to help them promote their good cause to more people across the UK.

Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ Home

2. Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ Home


Next up is the Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ Home. This is a registered charity, so you can rest assured that the staff puts in all the effort required to provide for the safety and wellbeing of all the animals at the facility.

This dog rescue centre is a very popular organisation for many people in the area. This is because they participate in a lot of activities such as rescuing stray dogs, educating children in schools about responsible pet ownership, and even assisting pet parents with any issues they may have with their pooch.

The main advantages of the pet welfare group are the variety of services other than dog adoption. These services include fixing, marking, getting rid of bugs, and even health checks.

So, whether you want to adopt or foster a pet or bring your current pets in for a general medical check-up, you can do it at the Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ Home.

The Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ Home is Association of Dogs and Cats Homes and the Institute of Fundraising registered. If you want to support the facility, you can approach them to offer volunteer work, foster a pet, or make a direct donation.

The team will accept any help available, and it will allow them to keep up the good work and provide a better life for pets across a much greater area.

Freshfields Animal Rescue

3. Freshfields Animal Rescue


This is one of the best animal rescue groups in Liverpool. The cause for this is that they are committed to assisting animals in distress. Thus, the group saves and restores deserted, disregarded, and undesired pets as well as wanderers.

Additionally, the Freshfields Animal Rescue also offers aid and assistance to injured wildlife. This is a not-for-profit organisation that puts in most of its resources to providing services and upgrading facilities with the safety and comfort of the animals in mind.

One of the reasons this organisation is so popular is because of its incredibly high standards. Whether they are dealing with a neglected or abandoned dog or even a stray animal that’s injured, you can rest assured that the team will administer the best treatment possible.

On top of rescuing and rehoming animals, they also return lost pets to their families. So, if you’ve recently had a dog run away in the area, you can contact Freshfields Animal Rescue for help.

Since they are a not-for-profit organisation, donations are a huge help to the facility. Not only do they give the staff proper compensation for their work, but they also allow the organisation to keep servicing animals in need.

They also sell different merchandise and accept corporate sponsorships. So, whether you want to adopt a pet, get your pet vaccinated, or even donate some money to a good cause, the Freshfields Animal Rescue might be your best option.

Bullie Rescue UK

4. Bullie Rescue UK


The next canine saving center on our list is Bullie Rescue UK. This is one of the more well-liked groups because they work all across the UK. So, there’s a possibility that they have assisted in the saving and recovery of an animal in your region, even if you’re not in the North West.

This group is operated by experts in bull-breed, but they are open to all animals they assist. At the Bullie Rescue UK, every rescued dog is restored and put in temporary care. Then, the group seeks suitable candidates for a permanent new home.

When they bring in a new rescue pet, the organisation conducts a full medical exam. From there, they will microchip, spay, neuter, and vaccinate the dog as needed. That way, when they leave the facility, the dogs are 100% ready for their new life.

The Bullie Rescue UK is primarily funded through donations. So, if you would like to help, you can go on their website to make a donation. Alternatively, you can also offer your home as a foster home for the pets or even bring a new animal into their forever home.

If you want to do any of these things to help out the Bullie Rescue UK, the website contains all the information you will need.

Dogs 4 Rescue

5. Dogs 4 Rescue


Dogs 4 Rescue has quite a good past in the North West of England. Although they haven’t existed as long as some other centers in the area, they have been around since 2013. And over almost ten years of work, they have aided in rehabilitating, saving, and finding new homes for various animals.

The D4R facility focuses its attention on unwanted, neglected, and abandoned pets. While they mostly operate in Manchester, they also offer their services to other neighbouring areas as well.

On top of that, D4R rescues all types of dogs. So, regardless of the dog’s size, breed, temperament, or special needs, they will take the dog in. From there, they will give the dog the best treatment possible so that they fill loved and nurtured at the facility.

This organisation was originally founded by Emma Billington, who is a self-proclaimed dog lover. And the reason she put in such an effort to set up this facility is that her love for dogs pushed her to make sure that no dog would remain abandoned or unwanted.

Before rehoming any of their rescued dogs, the D4R team will vaccinate, spay, neuter, deworm, and microchip the dogs. That way, they are completely ready for a new environment that will treat them properly and with a lot of love.

You can support the Dogs 4 Rescue facility by fostering or adopting a pet, making a donation, or even organising fundraising. If you want to help out in other ways, you can find the D4R contact information here.

Pennine Pen Animal Rescue

6. Pennine Pen Animal Rescue


The Pennine Pen Animal Rescue has over two decades of experience. In that time, they have grown into one of the most trusted and reputable dog rescue centres in the area. They offer many different services to rescued pets.

That way, when they enter a new home, their mind and body are fully-equipped to handle the adjustment. So, all rescued dogs are spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and given all the treatments necessary for them to live a happy and comfortable life.

Furthermore, Pennine Pen Animal Rescue also educates new pet owners about how to responsibly care for their pets. This helps reduce the number of dogs that are unwanted, neglected, or abandoned and require rescuing.

The Pennine Pen Animal Rescue Centre has grown into one of the most popular centres in the North West due to how dedicated the entire team is to helping animals and meeting the unique needs of every pet at the facility.

If you want to assist this center, you can give a donation via their website. You can also provide your house as a temporary home for animals or take a dog to its permanent new residence.

Additionally, they will happily accept volunteers and other forms of help. All you have to do is contact the team and let them know that you would like to help.

The Destitute Animal Shelter

7. The Destitute Animal Shelter


All lost, left behind, or stray animals are accepted at the Poor Animal Shelter. It has been operating for numerous years, beginning in the 1920s, and throughout time, they have assisted countless animals in experiencing their optimal existence.

The Destitute Animal Shelter doesn’t discriminate when it comes to breed. So, they welcome any dog breed of any size into their shelter. They primarily service the Bolton and the neighbouring Greater Manchester areas.

One of the reasons this is a well-liked and enduring shelter is its no-damage rule. Moreover, as the whole team is dedicated to the task, they can save and assist about 2,000 dogs every year.

On top of that, they give all the rescued animals the best treatment possible. That way, the dogs leave the facility spayed, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and given all the necessary treatments to get them in the best shape possible before moving into their new forever home.

Additionally, the team also works to reunite lost pets with their loving family. And if you’re a new dog parent, you can also approach the Destitute Animal Shelter for expert advice on pet ownership.

The Destitute Animal Shelter relies mostly on donations. So, if you would like to support the organisation and their cause, feel free to contact them through their website.

Animals in Distress

8. Animals in Distress


This is a local animal welfare organisation that you can find in Manchester. The goal of this facility is to create an opportunity for dogs who have been abandoned, neglected, or left unwanted a second chance at a better life.

So, aside from rescue and rehabilitation, the team puts in a significant effort to make sure that the animals find new forever homes with owners who will give them the best life possible.

Additionally, the facility also takes in abused animals and those who suffered injuries from accidents. If there are animals who require long-term care, then this rescue centre will do as much as they can to restore them back to health.

The facility traces its roots to 1967, with the goal of helping sick, injured, and suffering animals. And now, the facility is a 24-hour pet rescue that is absolutely dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals.

The centre also hosts veterinary seminars and responsible pet ownership workshops. That way, they educate the public on the best way to take care of their pets to give them a long, happy, and healthy life.

When they bring a pet into the facility, they make sure they are ready to take on the world when they leave. So, they will spay, neuter, vaccinate and treat all the animals at the facility before bringing them into their new forever home.

And if any animal cannot be rehomed right away or put into foster care, then they also have facilities to temporarily shelter the animals.

Since this is a non-profit organisation, they heavily rely on donations. If you want to help out, you can approach Animals in Distress to offer donations, volunteer, or adopt a new dog.

RSPCA Preston and District Branch

9. RSPCA Preston and District Branch


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a very active organisation with a wide reach. So, you can find their local district branch in Preston, where they offer a safe space for abused, neglected, and abandoned pets.

Additionally, they make sure that every pet that enters their facility is given top-tier treatment. That way, when they end up leaving the facility to go to their forever homes, they are fully equipped to make the adjustments.

The charity relies on its own money, so they welcome donations, volunteers, and any help they can get. One easy way to help the RSPCA Preston Branch is by adopting a rescued dog.

That way, you free up space in their facility while also bringing in a new pet that you and the family can care for and give a good life.

In addition, the RSPCA also provides various services to pet owners. These services encompass vaccinations, spaying and neutering, microchipping, flea treatment, and additional options.

If you’re looking to adopt a dog or learn more about the RSPCA, you can find all the information you would need about the organisation on their website.

Labrador Rescue (North West Area)

10. Labrador Rescue (North West Area)


Labrador Retrievers are some of the most popular dog breeds around the world. With that said, since so many people bring Labradors into their homes, this leaves a lot of dogs neglected, unwanted, or treated poorly. And to keep these dogs safe, Labrador Rescue specialises in taking in these unwanted Labradors and giving them better homes.

The organisation is run by Labrador Retriever Experts. That way, they can administer just the right techniques and treatments to give the dogs the best life possible. And if you’re a pet owner who can no longer care for your Labrador for whatever reason, you can bring your dog to the facility and rest assured that they will find a fitting home for your pal.

All the dogs rescued at the facility receive vaccinations, flea treatments, deworming, spaying, neutering, and microchipping. If you own a dog and would any of these services performed, you can also approach Labrador Rescue and ask them to treat your pet.

The Labrador Rescue in the North West Area relies heavily on donations. So, if you would like to help out in any way possible, don’t be afraid to approach them to ask about the different ways you can help out.

Animal Concern Cumbria

11. Animal Concern Cumbria


This facility was founded in 1972. And since then, they have services many different dogs in the area and found them new homes that will give them a better life. They rehome and rehabilitate over 300 pets annually, which makes a huge impact on the welfare of all animals in the area.

Whenever a dog is rescued in this facility, they are given the best treatment possible. That way, all the bases are covered, and the dogs are fully-equipped to enter a new home that will give them a better life than before they were rescued.

Since they pay close attention to the animal’s well-being, there may be a screening process before you can adopt a dog. However, this is to ensure that you have the space and home that will fit the dog’s needs.

And as long as you meet these requirements, you can adopt a dog from Animal Concern Cumbria.

For donations, inquiries, or volunteering, you can approach the organisation through their website. The Animal Concern Cumbria facility does a lot of good work, so any help possible can go a long way in giving animals in the area a better life.

Why Do I Need To Find A Good Dog Rescue Centre?

Dog with sticking out tongue

Whether you’re looking to make a donation, adopt a pet, or bring your own dog in for different services, you need a good dog rescue centre. To start, you want to make sure that the money you’re donating is going to a good cause, and reputable dog rescue centres are very transparent about where the money goes and why they need it.

Additionally, when you adopt a dog, you need to make sure they are ready to adjust to a new environment. While rescued dogs might take longer to adjust to your home, a good rescue centre will at least make sure they are vaccinated, spayed, and healthy enough to take on the entire adjustment process.


Any of the dog rescue centres on this list work towards a great cause. With these centres, you can make donations to help them rescue more animals, adopt a dog into your own home, and even bring a pet in for different health and medical services.

There are many dog rescue centres in the North West of England. However, not all of them do their job as well as the ones we featured in this list. So, if you want to donate, adopt, or offer volunteer work to any of these centres, feel free to head to their website today.

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