Why Low Level Laser Therapy Leads the Pack for Agility Dogs

Why Low Level Laser Therapy Leads the Pack for Agility Dogs

Agility puppies have fantastic athletic expertise. But with that – alongside rigorous training and opposition – will come a significantly bigger propensity for musculoskeletal injuries and degenerative joint sickness.


You dont have to be a coach, veterinarian, agility qualified or athlete to comprehend that agility pet dogs force their bodies to the limit. Reduced Laser Light-weight Therapy (LLLT) used prior to and after every training session and opposition counteracts this tension and keeps agility puppies doing optimally.


  • Helps prevent muscle destruction
  • Cuts down muscle soreness
  • Boosts muscle capacity
  • Increases practical and athletic activity
  • Increases exhaustion resistance
  • Accelerates recovery after training or competitiveness

Quite a few medical scientific studies have shown these rewards, and also revealed how LLLT raises muscle mass just after schooling, and decreases muscle inflammation and oxidative tension.*

Rehabilitation therapies specially LLLT are rising as gamechangers for making sure agility canines get well swiftly from accidents and carry on to shine in the arena. And when it arrives to LLLT, Doggy Med Laser is main the pack.

PBMT Technological know-how

Doggy Med Laser takes advantage of Photobiomodulation (yet another title for LLLT) to:

  • Improve blood circulation and regional oxygen delivery to muscles
  • Cut down joint and muscle mass irritation put up coaching or competition
  • Alleviate muscle stiffness
  • Strengthen mobility
  • Boost ATP creation (the bodys energy machine)
  • Accelerate damage healing processes for more rapidly return to competition.

The performance of this technological know-how is very well-set up, owning been:

  • Rigorously tested on individuals
  • Endorsed by the Earth Association of Laser Therapy as the gold conventional in treatment-absolutely free pain administration
  • Backed by about 8,000 medical experiments

What’s more, its straightforward to use, has zero side effects, and is 100% harmless, demanding no eye security (for dog or pet mum or dad) throughout software.

As for its certain effects on canines agility or if not PBMTs light beams penetrate deep into tissues when applied to their bodies. The end result? Fast restoration, lowered discomfort, enhanced general performance, personal injury avoidance, and all round well-getting.

THE Dog MED LASER Big difference

Even though LLL Treatment is by now widely made use of by veterinary clinics, Puppy Med Laser is the 1st machine to be designed specially for animals (dogs and cats) and certified for household use. This implies it can be used in teaching or competition environments and makes it a lot more cost-effective than regular clinic visits. On top of that, the Dog Med Laser will come with two brush attachments that supply doggy-authorized back scratches together with mobile stimulation and agony relief!

Offering PEAK Functionality FOR AGILITY Puppies

In the globe of agility, exactly where every single second, millimeter, and degree count, Pet Med Laser makes it possible for canine to keep on to amaze with their leaps, bounds, and spirit, lengthy just after the rest of the pack have identified as it a day.

*This is no doubt why LLL Therapy has become frequent in the qualified sports world more than the previous 10 a long time. NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and United states of america Biking athletes all use LLLT.

Michel Roy is the designer of the Pet dog Med Laser and an active member of Environment Affiliation for Photobiomodulation Remedy (WALT) the main environment system for advertising investigate, schooling and scientific programs in the area of photobiomodulation with lasers and other light resources.