Can Cats Eat Tomatoes?

Regardless of whether you contemplate tomatoes to be a vegetable or a fruit, most of us like this juicy food items eaten new on a salad or in a sandwich, cooked into a pasta sauce, or employed as a topping on a margherita pizza. But if you’ve at any time dropped a cherry tomato on the ground only to have your cat chase it all around like their most loved new toy, you may well have apprehensive and believed to your self, “Can cats take in tomatoes?” 

In this post, we will explain whether cats can try to eat tomatoes, if tomatoes have any benefits for cats, and what pet dad and mom really should know right before feeding their cats tomato-centered dishes.

Can Cats Consume Tomatoes? 

Ripe tomatoes are non-poisonous to cats and can be fed to them in smaller amounts as an occasional deal with. Nonetheless, recognizing what sections of the tomato can be fed to cats and how tomatoes must be well prepared for cats is critical, as there are some wellbeing considerations with feeding cats tomatoes. 

Can Cats Have Tomatoes Raw? 

Uncooked, ripe tomatoes of all types can be fed to cats in small portions as very long as the leaves and stems are eliminated (more on this later). When feeding tomatoes to cats, specifically smaller types this sort of as grape and cherry tomatoes, it’s vital to chop them up into little parts so that your cat does not choke. And as with any unfamiliar meals, it is possible that some cats may perhaps not like or tolerate feeding on tomatoes. 

Can Cats Eat Green Tomatoes? 

Unripe eco-friendly tomatoes really should not be fed to cats, as they include significantly higher degrees of solanine, a compound that is toxic to cats, humans, and lots of other animals [1]. You could be asking yourself why you have not felt sick right after taking in fried green tomatoes, a staple meals item in the southern elements of the United States. Solanine is wrecked when it is cooked, which makes it possible for for the satisfaction of this food items. So, theoretically, cats ought to also be able to take in cooked green tomatoes in little quantities, but they should really not be fed fried inexperienced tomatoes, as the salt and body fat content material could bring about an upset belly. 

Can Cats Take in Tomato Sauce? 

Specific varieties of tomato sauce might be fine to feed your cat, but you should be watchful that it does not consist of specific ingredients. Tomato sauce usually has high stages of sodium, which can upset your cat’s belly and may perhaps be dangerous if they have a overall health affliction this sort of as heart illness. 

Poisonous ingredients generally found in tomato and pasta sauces include onions and garlic, which can trigger anemia in cats [2]. Numerous tomato sauces also incorporate extra sugars, which can lead to tooth decay and being overweight in cats.

Owing to the probable pitfalls linked with these common elements in tomato sauce, it is safest to skip feeding it to your cat. This goes for ketchup and tomato soup as properly. 

Are Tomatoes Very good for Cats? 

Cats are obligate carnivores, that means they need particular compounds contained in meat in purchase to endure. For this reason, lots of cats are not even fascinated in consuming tomatoes or other fruits and greens. 

Nevertheless, some cats like to eat a wide range of meals and might advantage from vitamins and minerals contained in plant-based mostly alternatives. While cats can’t transform the beta carotene contained in tomatoes into vitamin A, they can advantage from the fiber, h2o, and anti-oxidants. In reality, tomato pomace, a byproduct of tomato manufacturing consisting of tomato peels and seeds, is a widespread additive in dry cat foods. A single modern examine discovered that cat foods that contains a blend of fiber resources, which integrated tomato pomace, enhanced the effective intestine micro organism in senior cats and lowered levels of specific hazardous compounds related with ageing and kidney sickness [3]. 

Tomatoes are also abundant in a compound named lycopene. Superior lycopene intake has been linked to a lessened chance of specific cancers in people [4]. Nevertheless, it is unfamiliar whether or not cats can also reward from this compound.

Are Tomato Crops Toxic to Cats? 

The leaves and stems of tomato vegetation (like the green model of the fruit) also have solanine, which is poisonous to cats. Even so, in accordance to the Pet Poison Helpline, the amounts of the plant that a cat would ordinarily ingest are unlikely to cause intense illness, and its toxicity stage is regarded as to be lower [2]. 

If your cat ingests any inexperienced elements of the tomato plant, they will probably create signs of gastrointestinal upset, which includes vomiting, diarrhea, and a diminished appetite. If you suspect your cat has eaten tomato plants, preserve a shut eye on them and be sure to make contact with your veterinarian if they establish any irregular signs. 

Precautions When Feeding Tomatoes to Cats

Start out slow. If your cat does clearly show desire in having tomatoes, only present them a modest bit of a contemporary tomato to commence. If they like it and do not have any tummy upset symptoms afterward, it’s all right to offer you tomatoes as an occasional lower-calorie address. 

Maintain parts modest. When feeding your cats tomatoes, make absolutely sure to dice them up into chunk-dimension pieces to avert choking and stick to tiny servings of no far more than about 1 quarter of a cup for every working day. 

Go very simple. It’s best to feed uncooked or simple cooked tomatoes to your cats with no the addition of any salt, oil, sugar, or other seasonings. 

Think about other disorders. If your cat has any persistent health and fitness problems, discuss to your veterinarian first ahead of feeding tomatoes to your cat. 


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